X-Men: Days of Future Past: Group-Think

So, as we often do, we all piled in the BFE minivan and headed out to see X-Men: Days of Future past this weekend. It’s getting pretty solid reviews across the board so let’s have a look at how the Blind Ferret crew reacted to the newest X-Flick. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS MAY BE WITHIN!

“I thought X-Men Days of Future Past was awesome. I can easily accept any continuity mysteries by the time gaps in the past and the future. I thought all the characters in this movie were well balanced and their powers were awesomely displayed. Wolverine didn’t dominate the movie, which the biggest concern about anything with Wolverine. Quicksilver was amazing, and seeing Blink in action is something I would love to see more of. And the fact that the movie was so dark and heavy was almost refreshing. It was a nice step away from family friendly Marvel movies, and it really emphasized how horrific the future was, and how urgent the mission in the past was. Comics aren’t always nice and fun, and this movie reflects that well.”

– Will, IT Guru, Free Shirt Collector

“How are they going to handle a cast of characters that includes alumni from effectively two separate X-Men franchises, 70s and future versions of two characters, characters who were introduced but barely established in the unanimously worst installment of the franchise, and some pretty obscure comic characters in their first movie? With a balance of plot and emotion. The future scenes are our id scenes. We don’t get to know who Bishop, Blink, and Warpath are, but they all look great and use their powers in clear and clever ways. We don’t know what Iceman has been through since Last Stand, but we feel that he has been through a lot. Every time we tune into the future, someone is worried about something outside of their control. The past is where every action has meaning. Even though this is the setting for the bulk of the movie, we focus on a small cast of characters whose pride and ideals keep bumping into one another. It is at once a period piece, a time travel movie, and a character drama interspersed with big scenes of mutant mayhem. Every scene raises the stakes and changes the momentum for the characters. Every scene matters and builds on the last in some meaningful and interesting way. The film concludes with the first hint of optimism in the franchise, and feels like a proper closing of the book of the original X-cast franchise.”

Costello, Ryan-of-All-Trades, Hardcore Champion

“I’m still thinking about it this morning, so I must’ve liked it, right? 

Though, I still don’t get why Katniss wanted to kill Tyrion while that guy from Swordfish had bones popping out of his hands.”

-Sohmer, Alleged Writer, Soup Specialist


“Let me start by saying I am an unrepentant X fan. Having read X-men from age 8 to my late 20’s means those characters and that writing undeniably shaped me. There’s no such thing as a perfect movie. There are always holes and “they should have”’s, but by the Gods, I really liked what they did with this movie. While trying to maintain some semblance of continuity but still tell a good story and move the universe forward, despite doing a classic Marvel/X-men time travel reset. Simply seeing more of the characters I love up on the screen combined with some crazy fights, a dash of humour (so glad there were no bald jokes in this one) and a little social commentary all made for a movie that I was VERY happy to see, and I’m sure that I will be happy to see again.”

-Stone, Logistical Management, Herald of Peanut Butter Cups

As for me?

I liked the movie. I reall did. I think it was good… but not great. It left me with a lot of questions and also feeling a little let down based on how excited I was after X-Men: First class. This could be because I’m just not a huge fan of Bryan Singer movies, but I felt the movie lacked a little. I was extremely happy with the “reset” of the timeline that the movie gave the X-Universe. I think that should have been done with First Class, frankly. I felt that Days of Future Past lacked the freshness that First Class brought and I would have liked to see more exploration of what happened to that cast in between movies and more of the McAvoy/Fassbender-Xavier/Magneto. Bottom line though:

  • I like movies.
  • I like X-Men.
  • I like the actors and performances in Days of Future Past.
  • I liked Quicksilver, Warpath and Blink.

So therefore, on paper, I liked this movie.

That said though, I left the theatre thinking it was a good movie, a solid movie, but not a movie that blew me away. After all, there was a lot crammed into that flick, so I think that a second viewing is in order for me to fully appreciate it.

Feel free to sound off with your impressions of Days of Future Past in the comments, my friends!

-Moss, Editing Machine, Soft Cheese Sampler


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