The Watchtower Episode 321: The San Diego Slump

It’s summer and whats summer without another episode of The Watchtower!

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In this week’s show, there’s not a whole lot going on as things begin to gear up for San Diego Comicon. But we do find some stuff to talk about in the world of movies! Rumors abound about Wonder Woman’s pants (of course), Batman’s pad and Lex Luthor’s motivation. Plus DC is revamping it’s royalties to include the colorists. Finally something I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for!

And we’ve got a big-time x-rumor to get to as well as lots and lotsa comics in The Forecast like:

  • Batman And Ra’s Al Ghul #32 (Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Regular Cover), $2.99
  • Batman Eternal #11, $2.99
  • New 52 Futures End #7, $2.99
  • MPH #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Duncan Fegredo), $2.99
  • Sex Criminals #6, $3.50
  • Wicked + The Divine #1 (Cover A Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson), $3.50
  • Avengers #31, $3.99
  • Daredevil #4, $3.99
  • Original Sin #4 (Of 8)(Julian Totino Tedesco Regular Cover), $3.99
  • Uncanny X-Men #22 (Chris Bachalo Regular Cover), $3.99

Plus, we tell you what to look out for on the shelves this week!

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