The Watchtower #326: It’s All About The Spider-Gwen, Baby!

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WT_Logo_RGBWe have tons to talk about this week, including RDjr dropping a “confirmation” about Iron Man 4, some cra-zy Avengers 3 (and 4?) rumors, an X-Men TV show and could it be? Could the future of Spider-Gwen be as close as an issue of… well, we’ll get to that in the show. Plus, you want comics? We got comics, like:

  • Thor #1
  • Gotham Academy #1
  • Men of Wrath #1
  • Guardians 3000 #1
  • Fiction Squad #1
  • Superman: Futures End #1
  • Roche Limit #1
  • Edge of The Spider-Verse #3 & 4
  • Death of Wolverine #3
  • Saga #23
  • Letter 44 #10
  • The Squidder #4
  • The Walking Dead #132
  • The Fade Out #2
  • Moon Knight #8
  • Spider-Man 2099 #4

AND a whole bunch of comics we read last week and even more you’ll want to read this week! It’s just that simple!

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