The Watchtower #325: In Which We Make No Friends

Grab that low-hanging fruit and synergize that paradigm! It’s a new episode of The Watchtower!

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Movies Movies Movies! With Deadpool and Suicide Squad on the way, have we reached peak Superhero flick? Plus, a convention-goer asks a tough question and is torn apart for it, strange justice when it comes to Milo Manara and to hell with 3D Covers! Scratch-n-Sniff is the new hotness!

Plus we break down big-name books like:

  • Edge of The Spider-Verse #2
  • Superior Spider-Man #33
  • Miles Morales: Movies Movies Ultimate Spider-Man #5
  • All New X-Men #32
  • Uncanny X-Men #26
  • Avengers #35
  • Batman Superman: Futures End #1
  • Batman and Robin: Futures End #1
  • Multiversity blah blah blah Superheroes #1
  • Shutter #6
  • Deadly Class #7

AND a whole bunch of comics we read last week and even more you’ll want to read this week! It’s just that simple!

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