The Watchtower #324: The Doozy of a Twoozie

Fresh from the tree! It’s a new episode of The Watchtower!

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A new face gets Crossed later on this year and it might just be enough to bring Moss back to the fold! Gotham is on our doorstep but do we really MORE Batman origins? Plus, Uncanny Avengers gets called to the floor and more of your phone calls!

Plus we break down big-name books like:

  • Superman Unchained #8
  • Death of Wolverine #2
  • Batman: Future’s End #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #6
  • All New Ultimates #8
  • Edge of The Spider-Verse #1
  • Invincible #114
  • The walking dead #131
  • Wild’s End #1
  • Copperhead #1
  • Annihilator #1
  • The Life After #2
  • Southern Bastards #4

AND we get you ready for everything that’s on shelves this week!

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