Till Crossover Event Do Them Part

Given the multiple series that are currently running AvX tie-in stories, it’s entirely possible (read: entirely likely) that I’m missing a very heartfelt and emotional scene between Storm and T’Challa regarding the dissolving of their marriage.

Because if I’m not, the scene in Avengers Vs X-Men #9 that ends their marriage kinda reads something like this:

Storm: Hey man.

T’challa: Hey, I annulled our marriage.

Storm: Really? We should totally talk about that later.

T’Challa: Totally. Now get out of my country.

The whole exchange took less than three panels! When Spider-Man’s marriage was erased, it took a four-issue series, then another four-issue series a few years later explaining what happened. To bust up the marriage of Superman and Lois Lane, an entire universe needed to be rebooted and don’t even get me started on the dubious fate of the Ms Marvel/Her-Own-Son-From-Another-Dimension union.

Maybe there is a really good reason for the First Couple of Wakanda to go their separate ways. Maybe when the dust has settled, there will be an emotional patch-up between the two (presumeably with some crazy make-up sex) and we will look back on it as the turning point in the AvX conflict.

Or maybe we’ll all forget about it by issue #11 and in the next 6 months someone will go “weren’t they married?”

I suppose what I’m saying is that I’d be really worked up over this shattered relationship if I cared at all about either of these characters and this blog post wasn’t the most thought I’d given to either of them in years.

Fittingly though, today’s page comes to us from the dynamic duo of Adam Withers and Comfort Love:

Comfort Love & Adam Withers are the multiple Harvey Award nominated husband-and-wife Action Faction responsible for the series The Uniques, Uniques Tales, and Rainbow in the Dark. Sharing the writing, pencilling, and coloring duties equally, the symbiotic self-publishing duo live in Flint, MI with their two cats, Obi-Wan and Annie-kin and can frequently be seen walking up and down the road talking about stories.

Have a great weekend, my friends! We will see you back here Monday!



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