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It used to be that the most common question any writer was asked was “Where do you get your ideas?” Now I suppose its, “How do i get my comic published?”

Either way, when it comes to inspiration, I’m sure every writer, artist, musician and other creative type has their own way of coming up with things. Personally, I am lucky enough to work with a batch of really creative people. The energy that comes off of them (and often, the smell) is enough to motivate anyone. Plus that little bit of healthy competition that lurks within all creative types.

Finally, I have to be honest here. There’s no way a cat would write a script and allow someone else’s name to be on it. That flies in the face of their plans for world domination.

It’s Friday, my friends which means it’s time for another guest writer! This week, the talented Jim McCann joins us:

Jim McCann is writer of comic books, television, and theatre. Currently he is the writer & co-creator of Mind The Gap, Lost Vegas and RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN from Archaia. Jim worked on several films and music videos before he was accepted into the ABC Daytime Writer Development Program, during which time he wrote for the popular ABC daytime drama One Life to Live. He also co-founded the Nashville Theatre Company, for which he directed many plays and served as Artistic Director from 2000-2004. Upon moving to New York, he found a position at Marvel Comics that same year, where he remained for six years, working in publicity and PR for publishing as well as handling press and panels at conventions. Recently, he has returned to his writing roots full time, writing for Marvel comics, creator-owned graphic novels, and many other upcoming projects. Jim currently resides in New York City.

And on art duty today is the suave and gentlemanly Jerry Gaylord:

Jerry Gaylord has been working in the comics biz since 2002. He has had the good fortune to work on many Marvel and Star Wars licensed projects as well as comics with friends and industry pros. Currently, Jerry is working as a full time artist and loving every second of it.

Have a great weekend, folks! See you back here Monday!


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