The Beast With The Adamantium Back

Ah, the X-love that dare not speak its name.

All this page needs is the mega-sentinel standing at the foot of the bed sheepishly asking “um… can I kill you guys yet?”

I’ve spoken my piece on the unsatisfying state of the X-Men a lot in this space. In fact, the most excited I’ve been for an X-Men book in the last few months is this past week’s 20th Anniversary re-issue of Claremont/Lee’s X-Men #1.

But this would have been the boldest ending to a comic book since Alan Moore dropped a space-squid on millions of unsuspecting people.

Today’s awkward morning after was brought to us by Ilias Kyriazis:

Ilias Kyriazis was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. He has been working there as a full-time comic writer/artist since 2001. His american comics include: the graphic novel Falling For Lionheart  and the mini-series Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression and Galaxy Quest: Global Warning for IDW. He has also worked on the Lulu nominated webcomic Melody for DC/Zuda, the short story Jared for Dark Horse Presents and the minicomics The Iliad In Sixteen Pages and Minifesto.

Be good, friends! See you here Wednesday!


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