Sweet Christmas

The Avengers appear to be getting Mighty once more! And the reaction has been… staggering, to be honest. 

This seems to me like an absolute no-win for Marvel and in a way, for comics in general.

Much like responding to cries of sexism in comics with all-girl teams and titles, this new Mighty Avengers will suffer attacks from both sides. For some, it will seem “pandering and forced” while others trip over themselves to point out that it’s just another example of affirmative action.

All I can say is if one more kid can look at a comic book and see someone he identifies with, then so be it. The rest of it just comes down to sniping and internet smack-talk.

Today’s page is on the racks thanks to Noah Barrett:

Noah Barrett is the only son of a nurse and an auto mechanic. Raised in the brown fields of Connecticut. Trained of Paier College of Art. Worked under DC inker Frank McLaughlin. Noah contributed to Chris Hart’s “How To Draw Comic Book Heroes And Villians.” He has been among other things, a magazine art director and a book designer. Currently the head of  First Panel Press a publisher of books and comics. Noah is also the the creator of Indie comic, Oliver Roach…appearing at fine retailers this fall.

Have a great New Comics Day, everyone! Superman Unchained!


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