Morning, Monday

Hope you folks had a good and enjoyable weekend, as short as it may have seemed.

Still, the bright side to Monday Morning comes with a new Gutters page, courtesy of a gentleman by the name of Kyle Strahm:

Kyle Strahm has been working in the comic industry since 2006, when he drew covers for the horror series FAMILY BONES. Since then, he has been providing numerous covers, interiors, and pin-ups for companies such as Image Comics, APE Entertainment, and Desperado Publishing. His self-published web-comic, CLOCKWORK CREATURE, was nominated for the 2008 SPACE Prize and a collaboration with Eisner-nominated writer Phil Hester appeared in the pages of the anthology series NEGATIVE BURN. Kyle is currently working with Brea Grant (HEROES) and Zane Austin Grant on the horror mini-series, WE WILL BURY YOU, for IDW Publishing, due to be released in early 2010.

Enjoy the page (and take a good look at Bendis’ twitter stream if you doubt the danger to the Marvel U it poses), and we’ll see you here on Wednesday.


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