Greetings! It is I, the Mystical Mage, Moss! And we find ourselves on the cusp of another weekend, and  another magical journey for Sohmer and co. This time, they are heading off into the mists of the unknown, their desination the mystical land of “England” for Kapow Comic Con.

Will Becker fall prey to a dragon, while attempting to save a princess? Can Lar’s inherant hugability bring good fortune to our wandering rouges? Will Sohmer wield a sharpened weapon too large for human hands, causing bloodshed and mayhem? Only time will tell…

but in the meantime should you be at Kapow Comic Con, do say hello won’t you?

Today’s sequel of sorts to Gutters #1 was conjured up by the master of time and space, Sean Izaakse:

Sean Izaakse started reading comics and drawing when he was around 3 years old, when an issue of Spider-Man caught his attention. With the loving support of his parents, it has been his entire life’s goal to become a pro comic artist. He believes that whether one is doing work for one of the big companies like Marvel or DC Comics, or putting some creator-owned work into reader’s hands’ doesn’t matter, the goal is to do what you love and be able to live comfortably while doing so. Sean has contributed to Insurrection Studio’s Clockworx comic and was featured in the Comics Brew Outline comic, as well as some local work for companies doing corporate comics. Sean is hoping to release is first creator-owned work in 2011.

Be well my friends, and we shall see you here on Monday!



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