Jean Came Back, The Very Next Day

Hey, so remember when there was a big teaser that was like “Hey! Jean Grey’s coming back!” Then there were a whole bunch of folks who were like “Nah, it’s the old Jean Grey doing some time travelin’ in All-New X-Men.”

Well, now there’s a big teaser that’s all like “Hey! Jean Grey’s coming back!”

Or is she…?  Maybe… but maybe not…? But totally maybe…

Or, the standard Comics Industry answer of “Wait and see…! *nod* *wink* *touch myself*

Honestly, we’ve been knee-deep in Avengers Vs X-Men for the better part of half a year now. If there was a person out there who thought that this story wasn’t going to end with Jean Grey/Dark Pheonix returning OR another person assuming the mantle of the Dark Pheonix, then I have’s me a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

That said, if Linkin Park (or Limp Bizkit, Hed(pe) or other 90’s Rap/Nu-Metal band) were to assume the power of the Pheonix, THATwould be a story twist that would knock the comics industry on it’s ass.

It wouldn’t be good, mind you. But it would be certainly unexpected!

Today’s page comes to us all the way from Cali via Tony Fleecs:

Tony Fleecs is the writer and artist of In My Lifetime, an autobiographical comic book. First published in 2006, ‘Lifetime was an immediate critical success, featured twice in Wizard magazine, in the Comic Buyers guide and on the Aint-It-Cool-News. Currently Tony is drawing an hilarious and as-yet-unannounced graphic novel for Oni Press which he co-wrote with Joshua Fialkov and writing an (also) as-yet-unannounced mini-series which will feature art by superstar artist Tone Rodriguez. His comics have been published by Random House (Villard), Image Comics, Silent Devil Inc., Terminal Press, Art of Fiction, IDW and Boom! Studios. Currently Fleecs lives in North Hollywood. His mother says he is handsome.

Enjoy the long weekend, folks but never fear! We shall be back here bright and early Monday morning!


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