Bring On BeBop & Rocksteady!

Radical, dudes! While Sohmer and crew wing their way back from jolly ol’ England, it’s your totally bodacious Assisstant Editor Moss here, bringing you today’s tubular Gutters!

Before they were a movie franchise, successful TV show or spokes-turtles for pizza shops everywhere, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were actually a very violent and dark indie comic. This was a fact that even I had forgotten until a couple of years ago, when TMNT #1 was reprinted for Free Comic Book Day and I gave it a re-read.

Maybe one day the Turtles will return to those darker roots, but at the same time I will always treasure the Donatello I got for my 12th birthday that came dressed in a trench coat, with a pair of moustache glasses. He was considered “Disguise Master Don” or something equally fitting. TMNT had the greatest assortment of nonsensical action figures ever.

If you had any, I’d love to know your favourite TMNT figures in the comments.

In the meantime though, today’s page-on-the-halfshell was brought to you by David Namisato:

David Namisato is an illustrator in Toronto, Canada. David’s recent projects include the children’s picture book “Fly Catcher Boy” from Gumboot Books, the comic series “Gabe and Allie in Race Through Time” for Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids, covers and illustrations for YES Magazine and KNOW Magazine, sketch cards for 5FINITY Productions, and work on Moonstone Books’ “Zombies vs Cheerleaders” comics. David also has a web comic about teaching English in Japan called “Life After the B.O.E.” David isn’t much of a morning person, but when he does wake up, he is happy because he gets to spend the day drawing.



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