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As someone who has to deal with Diamond Distributors on a daily basis, I have to say this: They’ve gotten better. Over the last 3 years, I think they are genuinely trying to find their place in an industry that may have lapped them once or twice. They’ve upped their online game, redesigned their Retailer website and now Previews, the monthly magazine Retailers order from, is going Digital.

Well, it’s going digital again. Previews has been available Digitally to retailers for some time now, but as a product customers can buy? That’s new.

I think it’s kind of amazing every time someone buys a copy of Previews. With the massive amounts of Comic “News” websites out there that often run the entire month’s solicitations for just about every publisher, it seems more than a little redundant. Then again, there are people that collect Previews as if it was a comic itself (The issue with the “first appearance” of the Walking Dead has been up for auction recently). So maybe this will give them something else to chase after: Digital copy, Standard Copy, Combo Pack copy… I wonder if the combo version will come polybagged?

Or how long it will be before the first Variant Edition Previews…

We could be looking at a bold new age for comics sales… or just one more thing that Diamond should have done a long time ago.

Today’s page comes to us (digitally, no less!) from Michael Lee Harris:

Michael Lee Harris is the best comic book artist ever. He is currently getting his MFA in comics(not that he needs to.) He has worked on several titles like Black Wraith, Black Hitler, Spectre Spectrum and several other self contained works. He enjoys long walks on the beach and communing with unicorns.

Have a great New Comics Day! Be sure and grab up a copy of Batman Inc!



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