At Least They Aren’t Pictures of Their Lunches

My friends! Before we get into today’s fun and games, guess what’s just over a week away?


So if you are attending, do come and say hi won’t you?

I have long been a fan of “themed” variant cover months. I think it is actually one of the rare good uses of variants and I especially like the ones that pay tribute to something fun like the “Batman ’66” themed covers DC recently put out, Marvel’s “Art Appreciation” variants and of course the wildly successful “Bombshell Variants.”

What seems to to be setting this new wave of variants from DC apart is that they aren’t insisting on a minimum buy for retailers. Most variants require a retailer to buy say 10 copies of the standard cover in order to qualify to order 1 copy of the variant. This ration can go as high as 1:200 and I’ve even seen 1:700 variants before. By making these “selfie” variants available to everyone, everyone can enjoy them without having to worry about jacked-up prices to offset ratios.

Also, while I was initially reluctant to the idea of “Seflie” Variants, I have definitely warmed up to them as the art has been released. Sometimes, comics can be fun after all…

Today’s pictorial comes to us from Jeff McComesy:

Jeff McComsey is the artist/writer of the upcoming ogn MOTHER RUSSIA as well as editor in chief of the historical zombie anthology and New York Times Best Seller FUBAR, now into it’s fourth volume. Primarily Jeff spends his time illustrating funny books and anything else that comes within arm’s reach. When he’s not chained to his desk drawing pages, he’s chained to his desk drawing Game of Thrones fan comics.

Have a good one, friends! See you back here Friday!

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