A Bold New Thought

I’m just going to put this out there.

Maybe, just maybe, those sought after new comic book readers would come onboard a series if the books were in any decipherable order.

Today’s educational page was done by Aaron Felizmenio:

Aaron Felizmenio is a 22-year old Filipino Artist, and is one of the youngest talents of Sketchpad Studios. He somehow started his humble career while still attending Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines-Diliman by creating one of the most promising (self-proclaimed) independent comic books, GWAPOMAN 2000, as part of an ashcan anthology in 2008. He then contributed his original character and his talents in the Filipino Superhero Comicbook Bayan Knights (issues 1-4; 2008-2010). Aaron is currently working on the 3rd issue of his creator-owned title, and is looking forward to doing more projects for the international market.

Welcome to another week, folks, we’ll see you on Wednesday.


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