Watch What You Read, While You Eat

Sometimes, for the sake of us all, I make a wish that the term ‘cross-promotion’ would be eliminated from the marketing lexicon.

Marvel and Taco Bell would seem a good partnership though, as Marvel is constantly seeking new readers with poor eating habits and damaged colons.

The unfortunate part to all of this is that the exclusive comics they’re giving away are actually put together by some great talent. Maybe we’ll get luckier next year should Marvel partner with KFC, and we can read about Captain America’s latest adventure on the Colonel’s big bucket of fried skin.

Today’s issue was put together by Karine Charlebois:

Karine Charlebois has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. When she learned that cartoons weren’t exactly made by elves in Japan and California, she found her way into the Montreal animation industry. She’s worked mostly in storyboarding for both TV and video games, and at some point decided to try her hand at comics, first landing a few gigs with an educational publishing house and producing a graphic novel for them. A well known artist in the Gargoyles fandom, she got the opportunity to draw both for the main series and the Gargoyles: Bad Guys spinoff, published by SLG. She currently juggles working from home on a comic series for Mega Brands, raising two young boys with her husband, and trying to make her obese, geriatric cat lose some weight.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks.


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