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Before I get into talking about Borders’ business practices that can only be described as ‘epic fail’, please allow me a moment of your time and a good 30% of your attention.

For close to 100 pages now, my team has been putting out incredible work. Incredible work, I might add, that I’m very proud of.

We set out to do something different with Gutters, something that had never been done before. There’s a reason it hasn’t been done to this scale before, and that reason is simple: It’s stupidly hard.

For every page you see here, there’s a minimum of 8 people who worked on it: A writer, a penciller, an inker, a letterer, a colorist, an art director who puts it all together, an assistant editor who keeps the production line moving and sees that our artists get paid and a managing editor who is constantly seeking out new talent and assigning pages.

Like I said, the pride I have for what my guys do every day is almost alien-like bursting out my chest.

To that end, I believe my boys deserve recognition for what it is they do. And that brings me to the Harvey Awards:

The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry’s oldest and most respected awards. The Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories, ranging from Best Artist to the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame. They are the only industry awards both nominated by and selected by the full body of comic book professionals.

The Harvey Awards are now open for nominations, and anyone on the creative side of creating comics is eligible to submit. The ballot is available on the Harvey site now.

If you are so inclined, I humbly would request putting up Gutters for your consideration in the following categories:

1) Best WriterRyan Sohmer / Gutters
6) Best ColoristEd Ryzowski / Gutters
9) Best New Series Gutters / Blind Ferret Entertainment
18) Best Online Comics WorkGutters /
19)Special Award for Humor in Comics Ryan Sohmer / Gutters
20) Special Award for Excellence in PresentationGutters/ Blind Ferret Entertainment

Thanks, folks, for letting me get through that with you and even if you’re not eligible to vote, spreading the word is definitely appreciated (massively so).

That done, let’s move on to today’s comic, yes?

For the last little while, the folks at Borders have been what some might call ‘having a rough time paying their bills’ and due to that, have decided that they will no longer be doing that (I tried the same thing with my mortgage, the bank didn’t buy it).

Where this touches upon the comics industry, is that a couple weeks ago, Diamond Books made the decision to stop sending shipments to the retailer until they are paid what they’re owed.

The end result of this, is Borders’ Graphic Novel section is going to start looking mighty thin.

Today’s page was done by Chris Meesey:

Christian “Meesimo” Meesey is a mild mannered Caricature artist by day. But when night falls, he unleashes upon the world a slightly less mild mannered comic book artist, with more blogs than one human should have. He is a Leo, and enjoys Coen Brothers movies and the musical storytelling of Tom Waits.

That’s it for the week, folks, we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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