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The topic of suicide is one we don’t see much of in mainstream comics so when I heard about this mini-book Marvel was putting out, I was rather intrigued. After reading it, however, I felt the message was lost, unless the message was “There’s so much to live for, especially if you get to see Captain America kick the shit out of a robot”.

Still, the idea was stuck in my head enough that I begun to think that in this situation, if Cap was the angel, then who would the devil be? And what would he say?

And yes, I’m fully aware this is a very touchy topic to make light of, but I believe very strongly that nothing should be taboo. If it gets people talking about a subject, I’ve done my job.

The mini-comic in question is available free for download, should you be curious.

Today’s page was done up by Heubert Michael:

HEUBERT KHAN MICHAEL is a Master’s Degree holder in Psychology who decided to quit his practice as a School Counselor after winning 3rd Place at the Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards (co-sponsored and judged by Neil Gaiman). He is also the creator of the acclaimed indie comic Unstoppable and has contributed both his talents and his character creation in the Filipino Superhero Comic Bayan Knights (issues 2 and 3). He considers drawing the HUNTRESS story in the DC Universe Holiday Special 2009 (DC Comics, penned by fellow Filipino J. Torres) as his first major break, and attending the New York Comic Con 2010 as the greatest highlight of his being an artist so far. Heubert is a co-founder of Sketchpad Studios, and a co-organizer of Metro Comic Con, the Philippines Own International Convention on Popular Arts.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks.


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