Wizard, No More

By now you’ve no doubt heard about Wizard magazine shutting down their print operation. Apparently, they’re going to focus on their conventions and this new fangled thing the young kids are calling ‘the interwebs’.

To be honest, while Wizard Magazine may have had it’s day to shine, that day is long past, and long forgotten. It’s been some time since fans and creators sought out their comic news by picking up the magazine at a drug store.

I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing from the Shamus family again, and fairly soon.

Today’s page was done by a very talented woman by the name of Olivia Pelaez:

Olivia Pelaez graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning. She’s done work for sketchcards and a variety of comic anthologies. In 2009, Olivia won the L. Ron Hubbard presents the Illustrators of the Future contest. No, she isn’t a scientologist. Yes, she does like to knit. She, also, finds time to host a weekly comics podcast called “The Verbal Mosh.” Olivia is currently working on an Original Graphic Novel with Torn Comics and writer, Jeff Aden.

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks. Try to enjoy the week, yes?


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