Breasts, am I right?

Unless you live in a cave (then how are you reading this?), you’ve no doubt heard about DC Universe Online, the MMO currently sweeping geekdom (for today at least). What’s caught my eye about this game, funny enough, are the ads we’ve been seeing everywhere featuring Power Girl.

Or, to be more acurate, the ads are featuring Power Girl’s Breasts, with Power Girl herself in a supporting girl.

This was enough to prompt me to pick up a few PG issues to see if this was a recurring theme. ‘Lo and behold, never has a female character’s assets been talked about more than Ms. Power Girl there.

Still, what must the super villains be thinking when faced with her might?

Today’s page was done by Jeff Dabu (whose last name had me humming music numbers from Disney’s Aladdin until I figured out why):

Jeff Dabu has worked on books for Viper, IDW, and Penny Farthing Press.He likes romantic candlelit dinners, walking barefoot on the beach, and likes a good cry every now and then.  He currently resides in Winnipeg.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks.


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