He Shoots, He Misses

You can always count on me as a True Believer, yet I’m forced to confess that perhaps Stan Lee should at least consider retirement. It’s not that I don’t think he can still create with the best of them, it’s that I don’t think he’s even trying.

Case in point, The NHL Guardians.

Ol’ Stan was tasked by the NHL to create superheroes based on the league’s teams, and I shite you not here, the first two characters in the above page are actually what he came up with.


Today’s page was done by Casey Edwards:

Casey Edwards is a graphic designer/illustrator as well as creative director for Mowie Inc. Some of his clients include: Geffen Records, Warner Music Group, UMG Music Group, Karen Hunter Publishing, Markosia Enterprises and White Wolf Publishing. Providing cover art for Joseph Gauthier’s Lazarus; Immortal Coils from Markosia Enterprises and for the Mad Scientist card game Mwahahaha! for White Wolf Publishing, his work can be seen at studiorevolver.net and mowieinc.com. He believes in the Tooth Fairy, but not the Easter Bunny. He’s definitely a cat person.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks, with what is possibly my favorite page to date.


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