Entitled To An Opinion

As 2010 came to a close, I found my RSS reader filled with everyone’s (and their brother’s) Top Ten lists for the year.

The more of them I skimmed through, the more it dawned on me how similar the majority of them were. With that in mind, I set forth to create a simple ‘How-To’ guide for becoming a comic critic. Should this lead to a prosperous career, be sure to review my work kindly.

Today’s page was done byGabriel Bautista:

Gabriel Bautista is an author, illustrator and true wind walker, from the city of Chicago. He colors Will Eisner’s THE SPIRIT, published by DC. His flavor can also been seen in several issues of Elephantmen, published by Image. Gabe is also an Eisner award winning colorist and the creator of comic battling site ENTERVOID.COM. He invites you to come battle with your skills.

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks. Do me a favor and enjoy the start of the week.


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