Painted in a Cave

Just so there’s no doubt here, let me assure you folks that I myself picked up a copy of the Wednesday Comics hardcover book and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Where I had an issue was with the release of the original Wednesday Comics on News Print. To me, it seemed like nothing more than a step backwards for the industry. As a retro gimmick however, it was interesting.

This page was done by a good friend of mine, Senor Scott Kurtz:

Scott Kurtz has been creating his own comic strips since he got hooked on Garfield in the 4th grade. In 1998, his comic strip PvP debuted on the world wide web ( with 700 daily readers. Over the last 10 years, PvP has grown into a genuine Internet phenomenon, growing in readership to an estimated 150,000 readers per day, a monthly title from Image comics, nominated for Harvey Award as Best Online Comics Work in 2006 and 2007, and winning the Eisner Award for best digital comic in 2006. Scott co-wrote the book “How To Make Webcomics” and co-founded to help assist others in forging their own creative destinies.

Today’s update was all about the facial expressions for me, and no one does snark like Kurtz.

We’ll see you on Friday for a very special Gutters…

(They’re all special).


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