Doo de Doo

I would tell you  the amount of time it took me to write down the ‘lyrics’ to the Lone Ranger theme song, but the number is rather telling.

Still, the thought of the upcoming Dynamite series ‘The Death of Zorro’ has me in anticipation.

I’m not so old that I remember the old radio serials or television series, but I am ancient enough that I used to run around the house pretending to be The Lone Ranger (my father wouldn’t let us play with guns, so it was a great use of our improvising skills).

The series should be something to read, so I hope.

Today’s page was done by Steve Downer:

Steve Downer is a professional illustrator, designer and digital colorist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana. Steve has had work published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, in magazines across the United States and Canada, and on t-shirts most any place you care to look.

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With that, I wish you all a happy holiday and we’ll see you right back here on Monday. Indeed, Gutters won’t be taking any time off.


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