A 6 Year Old’s Dream

It was only a matter of time before IDW jumped on the crossover bandwagon.Unfortunately, it may not have dawned on them that their properties were radically different from each other, in content, scope and style.

Still, for that sake alone, IDW’s Infestation has me intrigued.

How exactly does one take GI Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters and Star Trek annd mix them all together into a cohesive story?

I guess we’ll find out.

Today’s page was done by David McAdoo:

David McAdoo grew up in Springfield, Missouri with a healthy dose of curiosity and a clear interest in the animals around him. During college David came to the realization that film was the all-encompassing media that could satiate his artistic hunger. From writing the scripts to drawing the story boards to capturing the action and colors on film and editing them. The only problem was, he couldn’t do it all himself. After graduating college he moved to Los Angeles. Soon enough he had found work doing storyboards and design work for everything from commercials to music videos, and from video games to films. He has taken his experience in the film world back with him to his first love: comic books. His newest endeavor, Red Moon, is a graphic novel with an epic flair to it, hoping to capture that awe-inspiring cinematic grandeur.

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks.


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