Where You Left Me

When I first took a look at the cover for Brightest Day #15, with the bold question plastered on it”Whatever happened to the Manhunter from Mars?”, I assumed I was the confused one.

Obviously, it must have been months, nay years, nay, decades (I don’t think I’m use ‘nay’ right) since we last saw the green dude. Otherwise, why else would the editors pose such a question? There was no other explanation.

When it dawned on me that the Manhunter wasn’t as long lost as anticipated, and in fact had an entire issue of Brightest Day dedicated to his martian adventures only three issues prior, I began to understand what was really going on:

DC has absolutely no idea how ‘time’ functions.

Another mystery solved. You’re welcome.

Today’s rendition of The Manhunter was done by Alex Ventura:

Alex Ventura, 35 years old, is from Petropolis, RJ, Brazil. After studying at Impacto School, Alex is a busy doing new work for Discovery Channel.

Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll see you on Monday.


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