Under The Sea

I’m more than proud to count myself as part of an industry that’s still able to surprise me. From time to time, I still find myself picking up a book and saying “Someone made this into a graphic novel? Really?”.

Which is precisely what I felt when I picked up a copy of The Top Ten Deadliest Sharks and learned that the Discovery Channel was getting into comics.

One can only guess what mysteries lurk deep within those pages.

Today’s page was done by Steve Wilhite:

Steve’s been a freelance cartoonist since ’91 with artwork appearing in comic books, magazines, children’s books and newspapers. His work has been published by Alterna Comics, Caliber Press, Antarctic Press, Aiiie! Comics and various others. The most recent is FUBAR, the WWII zombie anthology.

His studio is in his home not far from Boise, Idaho. He shares it with his girlfriend (who is an amazing photographer), two daughters, a dog and three cats.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks.


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