Slightly Mad

The news hit last week that Alan Moore was working within his community to help those in need, by providing food baskets. While I do think that creators giving back to their hometowns is always a good thing, the satirical part of my brain instantly shouted:

“But Moore looks more homeless than most homeless people…”

Immediately following that, my mind began imagining a scene involving Alan Moore fighting with a hobo.

Welcome to the creative process.

Today’s page was done by Lonny Chant:

Lonny Chant (Broken, Licensable BearTM, FUBAR) Lonny works as a freelance artist and infrequent indie comic artist. He has contributed to a variety of small-press anthologies over the years, most recently the WWII Zombie book FUBAR.

We’ll see you back here on Wednesday, folks.


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