Not Your Daddy’s Horse

Dark Horse has always been one of the more perplexing publishers to me.

It’s not that they don’t put out quality stuff, because they do, it’s just that they seem to keep making the wrong decisions on which horses to back. Besides which, apart from Buffy or Star Wars, which is the last Dark Horse property you’ve seen marketed?

Today’s page was done by Senor Jim McMunn:

My name is Jim McMunn and I am a self-taught, semi-professional illustrator. I started out with Leadslinger studios and have been spreading my artistic seed wherever I can by doing books, pinups, covers, ads/promos, and whatever else comes my way. My most recent work is a mini series called the Devil’s Trail  put out by Creator’s Edge press and contributed artwork to Jeff McComsey’s FUBAR zombie anthology.

A wonderful weekend to all of you folks, and we’ll see you right back here on Monday.


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