War of the Carebears

Another day, and another teaser from one of the publishing powerhouses. This time, the kind folks at DC are teasing us with the ‘War of the Green Lanterns’.

You would think that after the Sinestro Corps War, The Rainbow War (that’s what I chose to call it when every single carebear/lantern fought each other), Blackest Night and Brightest Day that the corps would get a break.

Apparently not.

And this time? They’re fighting each other.

I doubt the real event will turn into the frat house skirmish I’ve written here, but wouldn’t it be great if it did?

Today’s page was done by Kenny Keil:

Kenny Keil is an artist, writer and full-time comic book geek living in Los Angeles, California. He’s responsible for The Superhero Remix project, a comic book called ‘Tales to Suffice’ and has appeared pretty much anywhere else that would have him in print and on the web.

We’ll see you on Friday, yes?


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