I honestly don’t know what to say with regards to the Batman Inc, the new status quo in the DC’s Bat-verse. Seems like an odd lesson for Bruce to take away from his recent experiences, but I’m willing to hold out full judgement at least until we see where they’re going with it.

Still, I was very much enjoying the dynamic between Dick and Damian as the new Batman & Robin which does leave me slightly sad that they’re once again under the wing of the original Dark Knight.

Time will tell on this one, though I have a sinking suspicion that Batman Inc will be gracing the pages of Gutters more than once in the months to come.

Today’s page was inked and pencilled by Allan Jefferson:

Allan Jefferson is a brazilian artist and lives in Belo Horizonte, a very big city of Brazil.

Fresh off Top Cow’s Pilot Season: Crosshair and Dark Horse’s Predatorsadaptations, Allan Jefferson has credits on Teen Titans, JSA and Marvel’s War Machine — as well as a recent credit on an Iron Man custom comic for the US Air Force. Allan is a natural talent for likeness drawing, tech and high drama.

Have a good weekend, folks, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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