He Dropped It

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Moving On…

The Walking Dead series. I love the comic, through and through. It’s one of the few series that gets better upon further reading and re-reading. I was excited as hell to hear about the series coming to AMC (they’ve somehow turned themselves into a quality network…don’t ask me when that happened), but like any fan out there, there was that constant worry in the back of my mind about them losing the spirit of the original material.

3 episodes in, those fears were unwarranted and it’s one of two series I now look forward to the most each week.

Still, upon hearing that Frank Darabont was involved heavily, I couldn’t help but picture a Walking Dead/Shawshank Redemption piece, which resulted in today’s page.

Another point of pride on this one, I’ll admit, is that it was done by Jason Howard, a Robert Kirkman collaborator and artist on another loved series of mine, The Astounding Wolf-man.

And just in case the name isn’t ringing a bell:

Jason Howard is the artist and co-creator of the Image comic The Astounding Wolf-Man. He has also worked as an art director and toy designer. Check out more of his stuff at www.JasonHowardArt.com.

If you haven’t caught the Walking Dead yet, either in print or on the tube, make it a priority.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks.


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