Stepping In It…

The folks at PanMcMillan are in fact putting out the graphic novel adaptation of the Anne Frank Diary. My initial reaction to the project was negative, but with time, it’s changed. The Diary, that girl’s life, is an important story. If this aids in sharing that story with a new audience, than I’m okay with that.

Today’s page, celebrating the ridiculousness that sometimes is the comics world, was done by O:

I call myself O Abnormal, but in case you’re wondering I was given the name Sergio Villa-Isaza by my parents. I’d rather you called me O, though.

What can I say? I studied graphic design here in Colombia, where I currently live and work as an illustrator through the internet (although I’d love to travel). My work on the web started in 2003, doing commission artwork. In 2004 I started the webcomic “COMMISSIONED” (, a comic strip that revolves around the life of a cartoon-version of myself and my friends as we play RPGs and have weird adventures that overlap reality and the imagination (I just love how that way of saying it makes it sound so educated and well-mannered).

My fantasy artwork can go from pseudo-realistic to cartoonish, but both rely heavily on lots of detail. I normally do pencilwork, watercolors, inkswashes and can also color digitally; most of the time I’ll just work with a mixture of some or all of them.

For the record, I felt completely ridiculous writing this.

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks.


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