The Only Real War

Look, I won’t bullshit you. There isn’t some huge logical reason or crazy Marvel/Star Wars crossover rumor that brought about today’s page. What it boils down to is that I feel Star Wars has the power to bring people together and I’m really not looking forward to Secret War. That’s it, plain and simple.

Now, as for the Star Wars teaser that this page centers around, goodness gracious! my heart legit skipped a beat when I saw that Falcon fly.

The biggest bone of fanboy/girl contention seems to be the hilted lightsabre. All right, I get it, there’s potential to hurt one’s self with a laser-hilted sword. But I simply say this: There was plenty of potential to lose one’s hand with the traditional lightsabre too (as we saw time and time again). If this new person can handle the Force, then chances are they’re pretty adept at handling their lightsabre too. If not, think of all the hilarity that will ensue.

Regardless of it all, it was super-exciting to see the teaser and also to see so many people enjoying the teaser. Hell, it even prompted me to add Marvel’s new Star Wars #1 to my pull list. Star Wars is about to become a story that spans three generations of fans and that’s a pretty cool thing.

Now someone invent time travel and get me to December 2015.

Today’s trip to a galaxy far, far away comes to us from Rob Dumo:

Rob Dumo is a comic artist from upstate New York between Buffalo and Rochester. He’s best known for his work on Zenescope’s Robyn Hood and Broken Icon Comics’ Nightmare Unknown. Rob also serves as Art Director for Broken Icon.

Hope the week is good to you, friends!


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