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With a lot of the superheroes that we know and love having first seen the light of day during the same time periods, it can be understood if one or two birthdays might get lost in the shuffle. But no worries, they’re going to make it up next year.

The other thing is that Comic Book Anniversaries (like a lot of comic book stuff) are pretty open to interpretation. I mean, which anniversary to we celebrate? The first appearance of Jay Garrick in the Golden Age? Barry Allen in the Silver Age? or is it the New 52 Flash, who’s a whopping 3.5 years young. There’s lots of things to consider.

Personally, I like it when comic companies celebrate the legacy and heritage of the characters they manage. I’m a bit of a history buff and I love hearing about both the cynicism and innocence that a lot of our superhero idols were born out of.

In terms of forgetting the Flash’s birthday though, If I was DC I’d make a thing of it and instead of Flash tribute covers, have one whole month of gag covers featuring people forgetting the Flash’s birthday or trying to hastily make up for it.

Now that’s innovation!

Today’s John Hughes homage comes to us from Jeff McComesy:

Jeff McComsey is the artist/writer of the upcoming ogn MOTHER RUSSIA as well as editor in chief of the historical zombie anthology and New York Times Best Seller FUBAR, now into it’s fourth volume. Primarily Jeff spends his time illustrating funny books and anything else that comes within arm’s reach. When he’s not chained to his desk drawing pages, he’s chained to his desk drawing Game of Thrones fan comics.

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