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Let us harken back, kids, to a time where The Avengers was but a pipe dream. A time where the sons of famous Authors got to be Captain America and basketball stars got to be STEEL. A dark time where nothing but the title needed to resemble the source material in a comic book movie and even then, it was a stretch. Such is the case with Superman Lives.

I have no idea why these inspiring little tidbits about the TimBurton/Nic Cage never-made-and-lost-to-legend Superman movie are coming out now, but damn if I’m not eating them up. The whole movie, from premise to actors to costumes just seems so very wrong and with it comes a morbid fascination like looking at a car wreck or watching documentaries about serial killers.

We should all be careful though, if interest peaks too high, then they might just go ahead and turn the unmade script into a comic book or something.

Then we’d all need therapy.

Today’s session comes to us from Ryan Cody:

Ryan Cody is a freelance artist and writer based in Northern Arizona. Current & past work includes: Masks & Mobsters Vol.1, Popgun Vol.3, and Outlaw Territory Vol.3 for Image Comics; Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures Vol.1 for Red 5 Comics; the pulp adventures series Doc Unknown; an upcoming stint in Dark Horse Presents and numerous sketch-covers for Marvel Comics & Hero Initiative. He is also the co-creator of Villains from Viper Comics and his own self-published book ICARUS.

Have great weekdays my friends!


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