Less Than or Greater Than 3

It’s been a few weeks now since DC announced their updated pricing structures for single issues, followed within the hour by Marvel’s release that they, too, would be dropping back to the 2.99 point on many of their monthly titles.

While Marvel’s supposed reasoning behind the move was hard to swallow, I suppose it made for a better answer than “Because DC did it”.

Today’s piece was done by Lee Leslie:

Do you know there’s a comic book where Superman fights He-Man? Because there is, and it’s amazing. Lee Leslie didn’t write or draw it, but he read it and he’s been unsuccessfully trying to top it ever since. You can find Lee’s work most easily in the greeting card aisle of your local Walmart or Target.  He also writes and draws the series RiGBY, the tale of an amateur barbarian.

That’s it for the week, folks, but we’ll see you on Monday where we may or may not have a page that may or may not get us into trouble.


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