I Saw The Sign

So apparently, Tony Stark is goingto help out his pal Daredevil by restoring his sight.  Nice of Tony to start there instead of underprivileged kids, but I can let that slide.

What I find interesting about this is that it would obviously be a massive change to Daredevil as a character. Which is kind of an odd thing to do to a character who’s had a consistently decent-selling book for the last 4 or 5 years. Also, his visually impaired-ness is one of the defining characteristics of Daredevil.

Now, I’m not saying that taking away a hero’s powers or in this case, restoring something that they haven’t had in years, is necessarily a bad thing. It puts the hero in new situations that they may not know how to handle and can make for some interesting story fodder.

For a little while. Because what we’ll have to eventually endure is the re-blinding of Daredevil and I don’t know if that’s a story that I really want to read.

’tis the Circle of Comics though, I suppose.

Today’s page was deftly delivered by Gavin Smith:

Gavin Smith is a freelance artist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the artist on the comic books “The Accelerators” and “All Superheroes Must Die”. He created and self published his own comic book “Human City”. He is also a 2011 graduate of the Joe Kubert School. Past Clients/Work include: AT&T, New World Videos, Blue Juice Comics, The Gutters/Blind Ferret Entertainment, The Sound Magazine.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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