Part of a Balanced Breakfast

Sometimes something is so inherantly stupid that making fun of it almost seems like a cheap shot.

But, this is Gutters so let me tell you about DC being hired to remake cereal boxes.

yeah. I know.

Allegedly, the boxes were done by Jim Lee, Dave Johnson and Terry & Rachel Dodson. I say “allegedly,” because lets be honest, there’s no way to tell if they actually did it. I mean, Booberry has no traces of piping or high collars, so how am I to know that’s Jim Lee’s work? Also, I guess this explains why Superman Unchained has been so late.

If you’re going to tap top industry talent to remake your product images, maybe let them actually DO something with said images.

Just an idea.

Today’s morning wake up comes to you from John Wigger:

John Wigger–yes, that’s his actual last name–lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. John started drawing superheroes after seeing a commercial for Levis jeans starring Rob Liefield. He attended Missouri State University in Springfield where he graduated with degrees in drawing and computer animation. He also received third place in a first grade coloring contest (and still has the trophy). You can see more of his work on the webcomic Zombie Roomie.

Have a great week, friends!


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