War So Nice They Did It Twice

With today’s page and the announcement that Marvel are revisiting Secret Wars (and apparently Civil War) let me tell you about a little marketing concept called “Brand Recognition.”

See, Brand Recognition is what is employed to bring us movies like Battleship. Everyone knows what the game Battleship is about, so if they make a movie named Battleship, people with recognize the title and connect with the movie even though it has little or nothing to do with said title. IE Look for Tetris: The Movie coming soon to a theatre near you.

So, this *might* be why Marvel is re-doing Secret Wars. We may be on the cusp of a grand new story that will have nothing to do with the original but share it’s name so that they can capitalize on that Brand Recognition.

Or we could be re-hashing things we’ve already seen over and over again because, well, comics.

So we’ll have to see. I guess it depends on how hopeful you are that Marvel knows what it’s doing.

Yeah… Yeah, I know.

Today’s page was brought to you by David Namisato:

David Namisato is an illustrator in Toronto, Canada. David is currently working on two creator-owned comics, a fantasy adventure series called “The Long Kingdom” and a Japanese language comic strip called “Mark to Minna” (English: Mark and the Gang).

Have a good one, friends!


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