To Put It Bluntly

3D Covers. Hologram covers. Lenticular motion covers. Make-Your-Own sticker covers. Interlocking covers. Deadpool covers. State covers. Art covers. Gold covers. Die-cut covers. Silver covers. Fuzzy covers.

And those are just the ones that I can remember while I’m sitting here watching The West Wing on Netflix.

I thought I’d see it all when it comes to gimmick covers and yet, here we are with a Scratch-N-Sniff, sorry Rub-N-Smell, cover that smells like grass… clippings.

I’m sure there have been other smelly covers like this in the past and I’ve either forgotten about it or repressed it. At this point, I should probably just be glad that they didn’t decide to do a whole month of them.

Truthfully though, the best thing about this is going to be when the first TSA sniffer dog goes off on a speculator trying to get it on a plane. I hope I’m in that line.

Today’s page was rolled up by David Namisato:

David Namisato is an illustrator in Toronto, Canada. David is currently working on two creator-owned comics, a fantasy adventure series called “The Long Kingdom” and a Japanese language comic strip called “Mark to Minna” (English: Mark and the Gang).

Have a great start to the week, friends!


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