Change Is For The Best

Look, I’m trying hard to get worked up about Axis, but since we have previews of the shocking and ever-altering event of the last issue of the series before the first issue has even hit shelves, I have to say, I can’t be too excited about it. There is also the ever-present discussion of “Event Fatigue,” a cycle of which I fear we may never break out of.

Look, I get it. Event stories are good for sales… for a month or two. I get that publishers want to make sure that their next biggest thing ever is followed but even bigger things, uh, everer. But there comes a point where as a reader your hands go up in the air and you feel like you’re hitting a breaking point.

I don’t mind event stories, or crossovers, or themed months, or whatever. I honestly don’t. I think it’s a great chance to shine spotlights on characters or ever creators that you want at the forefront of your universe. But as someone wise once said “when everything is special, nothing is” and that’s how I can’t help feeling about these kinds of stories now. Mostly they just make me want to take a nap.

But maybe that’s just because I’m old.

Today’s page comes to us from Jonathan Brandon Sawyer:

Jonathan Brandon Sawyer is an Atlanta, GA based comic book artist. He has had work published in the FUBAR zombie anthology series and has illustrated short stories for the upcoming anthologies In The Dark and Imaginary Drugs.

Have a great early-to-mid-week, friends!


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