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First and foremost, I want to say that I think Marvel’s Anti-Bullying variant covers are fantastic and the reception they’ve recieved has been great.

I think that they are timely, charming and address issues that should be readily discussed and fought against in order for us to see real change in our society. Because, you see, that bully on the school yard grows up to be that bully in the boardroom or that troll on the internet. So, the sooner we can start talking about how poorly we treat each other, the sooner we can work towards actual social change. If this kickstarts that conversation, that’s perfect.

BUT… we live in a comics industry where a publisher recently put out the first issue of a much-hyped story at $5 a pop in which  the story ended before the staples. We live in a comics industry where a store and retailer are at war with a former employee over whether or not they used the term “rape room.” We live in a comics industry where new readers are afraid to get into the medium we love because they’re worried how they’ll be treated for not knowing 80 years of history right off the bat.

So, if these anti-bully covers strike a chord, maybe, just maybe, we’ll hear that chord in our own industry as well as the schoolyards of the world.

Today’s covers come to us from Jim McMunn:

Jim McMunn is a self-taught, self deluded, semi-professional illustrator from Hatfield, PA.  Starting out with Leadslinger studios in 2008, Jim has been spreading his artistic seed wherever he can by doing books, pinups, covers, ads/promos, and whatever else comes his way. His  most recent work is the ongoing series Henchmen INC put out by Monkey Brain and is available through Comixology.

Get out there and enjoy the week, friends!



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