Superman, Batman & Aquaman Walk Into A Bar…

…which is strange since Superman should have seen it and warned the others! BAM!

That’s the kind of thing you (allegedly) won’t here in DC movies from now on. Apparently, they who hold the purse strings don’t so much like the jokes. 

Personally, I think that making broad, across the board mandates like that not only puts the makers of said movies in an awkward position, but also tells your potential audience that everything’s going to have the same tone to it. That sounds kinda boring.

At any rate, as we get closer to 2016 I’m sure we’ll find humor leaking back into the fold. After all what good is a Batman movie without puns? I mean really?

Today’s page comes to us from the hilarious Gibson Quarter:

Gibson Quarter is comic book artist best known for his illustration work on ëWar on Drugsí strips with writer Alan Grant in the European magazine WASTED. In North America, Gibson is a regular artist on the ‘Organ Grinder’ stories in UNDERTOW from 7th Wave Comics. He’s also drawn stories for Holmes Inc. (issue #1 and 2) and Undertow #1. He has also illustrated numerous other European magazines and comics: Northern Lightz, FutureQuake, Something Wicked, as well as Zarjaz and Dogbreath. Gibson lives in Toronto, and his biggest professional challenge is keeping his determined cat off the drawing board while he’s working!

Have a great weekend, folks!


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