Don’t Open That Attachement!

Before we trot off to Toronto for Fan Expo Canada (Booth #1044 for those in attendance!) You didn’t think we were going to let this pass us by without something, right?

I’m not going to get into the self-evident truth that “thou should not text thine junk to those not asking for it” (seriously, on what planet does that ever yield a positive result?). I’m also not going to give even a moments notice to the detractor/trolls who seem to think something like “silence is consent” is a phrase that should be uttered, let alone taken seriously.

No, what I am going to do is offer a couple of helpful points to those of you out there who do engage in the naughty pic swapping via text message (and this goes for both sexes):

  1. Clean up your room. Really, no one looks hot sitting amongst piles of dirty clothes and old pizza boxes. No matter how hard I, um, I mean, you try.
  2. Remember this picture of Burt Reynolds? Don’t do that. Ever.
  3. For the love of God, DO SOMETHING in your pictures. Nothing is more boring than someone just sitting there, expecting their mere image to be sexy. When your pics get out, and you have to face the music you at least want to be able to say “yeah… that’s my dong. But at least it’s a nice pic!”

Look, it’s 2014 and even I’ve exchanged racy sexts with the lady in my life. They included dirty pics of dishes and wonderfully detailed descriptions of exactly what we are going to watch on Netflix. The bottom line though is, once again: “thou should not text thine junk to those not asking for it.”

Also, RAINN is an actual charity that I would encourage you to donate to. You don’t even have to send us a buck to do it.

Today’s page was paid for by inapropriate photos sent to the account of Ali R. Thome:

Ali R. Thome, currently occupying space in Pennsylvania, started her art career as a caricature artist 3 years ago. In the past year she has quickly expanded her enterprise into illustration and more recently, the world of comics. Most of her work thus far has been done privately through commission work, but lately she has made a name for herself in the caricature world through her work at the International Society of Caricature Artist Convention. Lately her focus has shifted to illustration and comics working with Right After Then Design on their projects as well as tackling personal comic endeavours.

Enjoy the week, friends! See you in Toronto!


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