Much Ado About Nothing

So you may notice a slight resemblace, an homage if you will, between the slick WB spokesperson in today’s page and Lyle Lanley, the monorail salesman in the classic Simpsons episode Marge Vs. The Monorail. That is because in doing things like announcing a slate of movies with no titles, characters, cast, directors or plan whatsoever is akin to selling me a Monorail. I know I’m supposed to get excited about these release dates, but the truth of the matter is the only thing interesting about this is that I’m probably about to get bitten by a possum named Bitey.

In a world where we have teasers for teaser trailers for trailers for movies that aren’t out for a year or more, it shouldn’t surprise me that a studio would announce a bunch of seemingly random dates for untitled projects. Fox is doing it, Marvel has done it, so why not Warner Brothers as well? What I wish more than anything is that Movie studios (and comic companies could heed a little bit of this too) would stop worrying about everything thats way down the road and focus on what’s happening in the present: The making of what will hopefully be ONE good movie that audiences will relate to. Build from there.

There’s nothing wrong with having a plan and wanting to create big shared universes, but really, am I supposed to be excited about “untitled DC film – June 19, 2020?” 

Because you know what? I’m not.

Today’s big announcement comes to us from the one and only Bill McKay:

Bill McKay is a comic and pin-up artist. His latest project is the teen romance / horror / comedy “Night of the 80’s Undead” with writer Jason Martin. It was released in three issues and collected in a trade paperback, January 2014 by Action Lab’s mature imprint Danger Zone. He is currently hard at work on the sequel.

Have a great week, friends! See you at GenCon!



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