We Can All Make Some Money, Just Saying

Oh, as if you haven’t all had the exact same thought when reading/watching a Mystique story.

I know I did when I read about the history between Mystique and Professor X.

The real question becomes, after a while, who’s the REAL Mystique…?

Anyway, shape-changers are always fun in movies, comics, tv, wherever. They bring kind a creepy idea of infiltration, much like Bendis & Co. did during the Secret Invasion storyline. There’s always the quesiton of who’s really who and why have they taken the form they have. It’s exciting!

Except Odo, the Space-Mall Cop. Dude’s species can change into anything they want and everyone’s face looks like something a 6th grader made out of plasticine? I ain’t buying it…

Today’s look into domestic bliss comes to us from Doug Hills:

Doug Hills has been drawing comics for himself and for others since about 2001. He has also dabbled in writing guide books about the art program, Manga Studio. He wrote Manga Studio For Dummies in 2008, and is currently working on a new book covering Manga Studio 5. Doug is the artist/co-creator of the webcomics Place Name Here and Chibi Cheerleaders From Outer Space (with his wife, Stacey Hills). He has worked on several independent comics, including the short story King Pete (with Josh Flanagan and Jordan Boyd), and a four-issue series currently in development, Dixon’s Notch (with Josh Flanagan and Charles Pritchett) and is a founding member of Ten Ton Studios. Doug was also a professional wrestler at one point in his life.

Have a great week, friends! See you back here Friday!


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