It’s Deeply, Deeply Unsettling

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who popped by at San Diego Comicon and said hello! It was a fun, amazing and exahusting show as it is every year and I can’t wait to get back to it in 2015!

A funny thing happens to you when you are attending San Diego Comicon as an exhibitor. You become completely insulated against most of the news and announcements that take place while you’re shilling goods on the floor. I learned about practically everything after the fact as I was scrolling around waiting for the plane home.

The one reveal that did make it’s way to my ears/eyes though was the first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Dawn of Justice” movie (I’m dropping the Batman V. Superman portion of the title. It’s a bit much). I was very happy with what met my eyes when I gave it a google. I think that she looks great, fits in well with the established look of a Zack Snyder film and presents a pretty awesome and believeable Wonder Woman.

What blew my mind though was that I seemed to be hearing the same thing from just about everyone I talked to. Then, in reading about it in the hotel, I noticed that the comments were… nice. In fact, some were even complimentary…. and seemed to indicate they were looking forward to the movie.

Now, there were a few scattered nay-sayers, suggesting the colors weren’t bright enough or that the high heels might pose an issue, but for the most part I saw people actually pretty OK with the design and that in and of itself is an exciting and strange thing.

It’s also deeply disturbing at the same time, but you know what? To spare us all another nerd-rage fanboy-meltdown, I’ll take it.

Today’s page comes to us from Ryan Cody:

Ryan Cody is a freelance artist and writer based in Northern Arizona. Current & past work includes: Masks & Mobsters Vol.1, Popgun Vol.3, and Outlaw Territory Vol.3 for Image Comics; Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures Vol.1 for Red 5 Comics; the pulp adventures series Doc Unknown; an upcoming stint in Dark Horse Presents and numerous sketch-covers for Marvel Comics & Hero Initiative. He is also the co-creator of Villains from Viper Comics and his own self-published book ICARUS.

Have a great weekend, friends!



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