It’s Godlike Paradigm Synergy!

So, amongst Marvel’s slate of pre-SDCC announcements this week, was the shocking reveal that Thor is going to become a woman. 

This was, as you would expect, met with the usual accusations of pandering, mysogeny, anti-mysogeny, progression, regression, homophobia, heterophobia, political correctness, political uncorrectness and pretty much everything this side of Regicide, that we have come to expect. Honestly, at this point I think Marvel or DC would get torn apart by “fans” for announcing a different kind of staple used in binding the books.

But I digress, that’s not what blew my mind about this.

No, that was everyone’s reaction to the fact that the announcement was made on The View.

Now, I can admit that it seems like a strange pairing, Marvel and The View. Until you realize that the network that airs The View is ABC, who just so happen to be owned by Marvel’s Masters: Disney.

So yeah. Weird, but not totally off the charts when you think about it. Especially since both Marvel and The View could use a couple of good points in the PR column these days.

Today’s peek behind the curtain comes to us from the wonderful Ali Thome:

Ali R. Thome, currently occupying space in Pennsylvania, started her art career as a caricature artist 3 years ago. In the past year she has quickly expanded her enterprise into illustration and more recently, the world of comics. Most of her work thus far has been done privately through commission work, but lately she has made a name for herself in the caricature world through her work at the International Society of Caricature Artist Convention. Lately her focus has shifted to illustration and comics working with Right After Then Design on their projects as well as tackling personal comic endeavours.

Have a great weekend, friends! SEE YOU IN SAN DIEGO!!


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